Advertising and marketing for your medical skill and practice in Dubai are a very difficult, confusing and let’s admit it a complicated task. From one side you have ethics, rules, and regulations and on the other side, you have all the misconceptions and wrong medical information that is spreading everywhere across the web.

I believe that it’s the care provider role now to be more present online and to assume their responsibilities as the trusted healthcare information source on the internet!  This is how they can save more patients and fulfil their mission in this new information era.

I would rather say that doctors, surgeons, and care providers should consider this as an opportunity to reach more patients and improve their awareness about diseases and health issues!

To help you canalize your effort and prioritize your investment in term of a digital marketing strategy for doctors, I grouped 9 gradual marketing strategies that you should explore to boost your online reach and optimize your marketing


1- A personal brand – basic marketing foundation:

Personal branding for individual doctors is a useful and effective extension of the differentiating brand message of a medical practice or organization. It is a means to control and direct what is unique and relevant about who you are, and thus guide how the audience perceives your professional reputation.
In addition, personal branding can…

◾️Spotlight distinctive strengths and capabilities;
◾️Establish credentials and credibility;
◾️Inspire champions and influencers;
◾️Extend visibility and public awareness;
◾️Increase patient demand and allegiance;
◾️Engender stronger patient compliance;
◾️Increase professional referral confidence and frequency;
◾️Enhance personal and professional satisfaction.

Imagine you buying a stethoscope, would you rather choose a Littmann or cheaply made in China? Which kind of doctor do you want to be? Give your practice the right image!

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 2- Well-designed medical website in Dubai:

Today more than ever, potential patients are searching on the web for local physicians and healthcare services. 90% of patients start their doctor selection by an online search, and guess what happens when they don’t find you, they will visit the one that they found!

Improving your patient’s experience on your website will significantly increase patient leads and retention.

Your website design should have customized features, fast page speed, be mobile-friendly, and interactive.

Most searches are done via mobile or tablet devices, so having a fully responsive medical website design is crucial.

Make sure your website design includes flexible images and website structures that allow them to navigate in different pages with ease.

The practice website should be built for all platforms, so you capture the maximum number of website visitors and not just limited to desktop searches.

Page speed can be the #1 reason for a high bounce rate for your medical website as people attention span is dropping and the voice search is gaining momentum.

Your website also is your first touchpoint with the patient, if it’s slow and difficult to navigate it will give a first negative experience that will affect his selection decision.

A negative experience makes users more likely to leave your website to go to a better one. It is critical to evaluate and put a plan together to improve website page speed to lower bounce rates and increase lead conversion.

Be very clear on the services and procedures you offer on your home pages so the patient gets straight to what he is looking for, as your credential and certifications are crucial for sure but at a later stage!

When patients are visiting your practice website, they should find all your services and treatments easily if your medical practice offers a wide variety of services down select to the main procedures and services that you want to feature.

When deciding on what treatments to promote, think of your ideal audience, key differentiators, and high revenue procedures.

Lead forms improve website conversion rates and drive new leads for a medical or dental practice.

Your medical website needs to be built with proper medical SEO and keywords, so it drives free organic traffic with a long-term return.

To stay competitive and show up in search results, your website design needs to have all the essential keywords and proper SEO structure.

A top-performing website will have a solid SEO and keywords at the foundation of the website design.

A medical SEO expert in Dubai will spend their time building out each page of your practice website and do competitive keyword research to make sure your site is on top in local search results.


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3- Social media marketing for medical practice

Some doctors are social media superstars. We’ve all seen them: they may host television shows or serve as frequent commentators on healthcare matters, making them a go-to source as a social media influencer. Some even use YouTube or Instagram to showcase procedures that fascinate the general public (but we can’t all be Dr. Pimple Popper).

For the rest of us, social media for doctors can be a bit of a mystery. You may just post occasionally on your platform of choice and hope for the best, or you may not have a social media presence at all. There are all sorts of misconceptions out there about the importance of social media for doctors and how it should be used, so let’s clear a few things up.

In a perfect world doctors do a wonderful job and their work will speak for them, but the healthcare market is in a constant change, a missing upon being out there to talk about yourself, some other people with good social media reach may be there to talk about you in the wrong way! So, the only way for the good to overshine the bad, you need to have a consistent online presence to talk about your services and preserve your reputation.

I want to highlight here a very important fact about boosting your social media posts!

Facebook offers some really useful tools as part of their business feature, allowing you to spend money to boost or promote a post so it reaches a wider target audience in your area.

It seems easy enough, in theory, and the button is built into the Facebook platform. In practice, though, you miss out when you use this feature without any planning in advance. Facebook advertising can reach a wide range of people in your area who may be searching for your speciality. It doesn’t just go out to friends and fans, but to “lookalike audiences” that may be interested in your practice because they’re similar to those who already like it.

Or, your ads can reach the wrong people at the wrong time, people located nearby but with zero interest in your services. It’s wasted money and wasted time,  and could even turn some people away. Social media for doctors requires strategy, which may mean hiring somebody to do the job for you.


As a summary social media marketing for medical practices must be:

  • Consistent and organized
  • Optimized properly
  • Interactive
  • Regular Posting
  • Contain unique images and content for your practice
  • Create consistent brand continuity
  • Share content that drives patients to your website
  • Plan your paid campaign to optimize your invested money


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4- Local listing for your practice:


Local business listings have a significant impact on local SEO as part of your overall digital marketing strategy.

Your business listings are the business contact information that displays when patients search for you online in other websites, directories and review boards. It’s important to claim, verify, and optimize your business listings across all platforms. (Read more on how to list your practice with google)

The more directories and reviews sites that contain the same business information gives Google additional confidence to return your information over a competitor’s practice.

Popular business listings platforms are Google, Yelp, and Facebook, but there are multiple smaller listing sites that are important to your reputation.

Google indexes all the listing sites to better collect the information for your medical or dental practice, and uniform listings will ensure higher local search engine optimization.

After your business listings are claimed and updated, it is essential to continually monitor them for duplicated or errors that can arise.


5- Medical content strategy for doctors:

Creating healthcare marketing content for your blog, website and online presence require more than quantity as 9 out of 10 good content may not be driving any result. You also need measures of quality, credibility, and engagement in the formula to:

  • Attract and retain the target audience
  • Enhance SEO and results in good ranking
  • Establish and grow relationships
  • Inspire digital influencers
  • Present content worth sharing
  • Stay top-of-mind with prospective patients


6- Email marketing – Streamline New Patient Communication

Stay in front of your patients and website visitors with email marketing! Email as part of your medical marketing strategy is a great way to retarget patients or reach new patients that have expressed interest in a procedure or treatment.

Utilize email marketing to create touchpoints with your practice website visitors and share new promotions, specials, blog posts, and the latest practice news. Grow your practice patient email list by encouraging website visitors to sign up for a newsletter.

A newsletter will help you share monthly content about your medical practice and keep your practice in front of mind for patients.


7- Reviews Generation

Patient reviews are one of the top 3 most important local SEO factors when it comes to local search rankings. Studies have shown that 68% of potential patients form an opinion about your medical practice and it’s physicians with as little as five reviews.

What does this mean? Patient reviews are an essential way to convert potential patients and a huge reflection of your medical practice reputation.

When it comes to medical marketing strategies generating positive patient reviews needs to be at the top of the list!

The best healthcare marketing agencies will work with your team to generate positive, HIPAA compliant patient reviews and streamline the process.


9- Before & After for Cosmetic & Aesthetics Procedures

Sharing high quality before and after pictures of actual patient results can be one of the single most important medical marketing strategies, a practice that provides aesthetics services can do.

medical marketing agency before and after-2

When it comes to cosmetic surgery and aesthetic marketing before and after photos are an absolute must in the healthcare marketing strategy.

Develop a large before and after gallery showcasing multiple examples of successful patient’s before and after for various surgical procedures and age ranges.

If your medical speciality is not cosmetic based, consider working with a patient that is willing to share their treatment journey as a case study for your practice.

Many potential patients are continually seeking the best treatments for medical conditions and improving their quality of life.

Sharing successful patient stories and educating the online visitors of your experience and expertise will turn online visitors into real patients.

This can be a highly successful part of your medical marketing strategy if done correctly.


10- Physician Liaison Marketing Program

Physician referrals can be the lifeline of medical practice, so developing a physician outreach-marketing program is essential for sustaining strong doctor referral relationships.

A successful healthcare marketing strategy will centre efforts on expanding your healthcare network and increasing patient growth.

Physician liaison marketing is hiring a representative for your practice to meet with local referring doctors and medical practices to increase patient referrals for the practice.

As the physician relations representative, they extend the bridge of communication between referring doctors and medical practice.

Physician liaison marketing results in a significant increase in patient referrals and overall practice growth.

Physician liaison marketing is especially an excellent fit for surgeons and speciality medical practices because their patient base is majority referrals from general practitioners.

Other medical and dental practices can significantly benefit from having a physician relations manager to help grow their healthcare network and meet with local physicians.


The Benefits of a Physician Liaison Marketing Program:

  • Skilled physician liaison representative to promote the practice
  • Connects medical practice and doctors with referring physicians
  • Helps introduce new physicians to the healthcare community
  • Provides a way to streamline referrals for primary care providers easily
  • Accessible point of contact for referring doctors for questions, concerns, or any other needs
  • Marketing director for practice
  • Increases patient referrals
  • Increases high revenue procedures
  • Increases overall practice revenue
  • Track visits and builds the physician’s network
  • Provides physician referral analytics
  • Evaluates practice growth and creates a marketing strategy
  • Easy to track success and ROI

Read more about the Physician liaison services in UAE


Top Medical Marketing Strategies in Dubai Wrap Up

Take a hard look at each of these medical marketing strategies and formulate a plan to either implement or update these tactics in your overall healthcare marketing initiatives.

If you do, I think you will be plenty surprised at the amount of new patient growth the practice will experience.

The beauty is that many of these items play directly off each other, and the effectiveness of one greatly contributes to that of another.

As we mentioned in many other articles, whenever you add a new digital marketing campaign to your arsenal test, test and retest one more time to make sure you are properly optimizing all aspects of the campaign.

How you would like to extend your reach and help more patients Today? Would you like a healthcare marketing agency to help you grow your practice?  I am here to help you! Give me a call now!


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