Physician liaison service is one of the best marketing strategies for medical services coupled with networking and public relation, it gives your practice access to the constant flow of patients referred from family medicine and primary care facilities.


What is a physician liaison service?

A physician liaison serves as a representative for a doctor, medical practice, or hospital. As a representative, they bridge the gap of communication between referring doctors and specialty physicians.

Doctor referrals are the lifeline to medical practice, and a physician liaison’s key role is to grow physician referrals and connect the medical practice with their local healthcare community.

While doctors focus on delivering high-quality patient care and treatments the liaison will visit with referring physicians on behalf of the referred doctor.

During these provider liaison visits, they meet with referring doctors to discuss patient care, referrals, new treatments, and thank them for existing referrals. They speak with the referring medical practice and doctor.

A physician liaison will inform the doctor on any news of the practice and provide referring doctors and their medical staff with a direct form of communication.

A highly successful physician liaison will represent all aspects of the medical practice, they will be highly trained, as well as, educated with the practice treatments and specialty physicians.

Why do your clinic or hospital need a  physician liaison service in Dubai

Hiring a physician liaison has many benefits, especially for new organizations looking to build a strong referral system. Referral networks are one of the best ways for doctors to get new patients because patients trust the referral of their doctor. Physician liaisons benefit practices by reducing referral leaks, maintaining network relations and providing physicians with a competitive advantage.

Maintain patient’s referrals

Fix Referral Leaks One of the main benefits of a physician relations liaison is their ability to recognize referral leaks and keep patients in the referral network. Good liaisons go above and beyond to make sure relationships within the referral network are maintained and even repaired when necessary. For example, a physician liaison can work to resolve misunderstandings and repair relationships within the referral network to help keep the flow of referrals coming in.

Competitors monitoring

Provide a Competitive Edge Liaisons are also the go-to person for market intelligence and can give physicians a competitive edge. They can alert physicians to new services competitors are planning to market, to members of the referral network planning to retire and to a new practice in the area that can be added to the referral network.


Although their value is difficult to measure and often overlooked, physician relations liaisons are valuable resources for medical and surgical groups looking to expand their patient pool and get more exposure.


Physician liaison main role:

Drive Referrals

A core role of the liaison is to prospect with local primary and specialty physicians to increase the number of patients the physicians refer to the liaison’s medical facility. Hospitals need steady patient traffic to generate revenue and cover expenses. The liaison must meet with physicians in the local area and promote the hospital’s or clinic’s services. Physicians need to know what’s offered by a hospital or clinic to confidently refer their patients for treatment.


Coordinate Physician Relationships

In addition to serving as a liaison between the facility and physicians, the physician liaison also manages relationships between general physicians and specialists. If a family pediatrician has a young patient requiring surgery, for instance, she might want to refer the patient to a pediatric surgeon. The liaison helps doctors build and maintain relationships with specialists and surgeons so they can confidently refer patients to the right specialist for hospital-based care.

Internal Coordination

The physician liaison has to align with the overall marketing goals and philosophies of the facility. Additionally, managers expect reports on progress in building referrals and managing practitioner relationships. To manage a physician liaison the physician or the facility manager may ask to arrange and lead public relations campaigns and other awareness efforts, so the local community views the facility in a positive light.


Background requirements for hiring a physician liaison

Specific education requirements vary for this position, but an associate degree in marketing, sales, healthcare administration or another business-related field is a common minimum. A bachelor’s degree in any of these fields is the minimum requirement when looking for a candidate.


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