The doctor profile page is the most viewed page in a clinic, hospital or a doctor personal website. Never underestimate its importance and its impact in converting the patient to call you or to book their appointments.

Doctor profile

The main goal of the doctor profile page is to reassure patients that they are in safe hands! They need to see your professionalism, your commitment and your expertise.

To achieve this your complete profile is required it need to include:

  • Your qualifications
  • Fellowships
  • Awards
  • Position & Participation
  • Professional memberships
  • Associations
  • Committees
  • The hospital that you work in
  • Continuing medical training
  • Talks and media intervention
  • Papers and publications
  • Leadership and research


When it comes to the forme, you need to layout your profile to make it easy to read and to understand. Use short sentences, bullet points and clear headings.

How to write a doctor profile

Make sure that you reflect trust and credibility by including details, dates, awards, hospitals even recognised brands like sports clubs or institutions, you are referencing touchpoints that patients, family or referrers may know and trust.


Don’t be afraid to add some personal touch and tell your story, as patients, they like to know more about their surgeons and doctors and to feel them close to their lives.

Include pictures of you in action doing surgery or talking and visiting a patient! A picture connects better with patients!

“It’s Not About You”

The first thing to realise is this profile page is not about you. It is about your visitor, your patient!

It is about answering their questions around: Are you good to treat me? Will I be safe? Can I trust you? Will you deliver the results I want or need? and even – Do I like you to touch me?


The purpose is to position you relative to the patient’s expectations, answer your patient’s questions and position your practice offer favourably in the eyes of your visitor.


How Patients choose

Most patients have neither the education nor training to assess you on your clinical strengths. And despite your referrer’s advice, many patients will judge you by what they see you on this page.

Your goal is to reassure them and endeavour to help them on their decision path!


How to build the perfect doctor profile page?

You can follow the following plan to build your profile page:

1) Introduction:

This will be a 4 to 5-line paragraph where you describe what you thrive to deliver to your patients, the value you are offering! Write it with your patient in mind, talk about what is it for them to rather who you are and what you do! It should ideally focus on your patient’s benefits and deliver the sense – “Keep reading because I care more about You”


2) Services:

This section should reinforce your core services in terms your visitor can understand.

This section can tell the visitor how your speciality journey took shape, maybe from broad to narrow, or speciality to sub-speciality.

Conditions vs Procedures: Summarize broad conditions treated, with quick links to appropriate pages. These can also be linked to the broad treatment or procedural approaches.


3) Qualifications & Fellowships

This is often incomplete and while omissions may go unnoticed, if you don’t list all your relevant qualifications it can impact to some degree on your visitors’ impressions.

+ Undergraduate

+ Postgraduate

+ Other awards and positions


4) Professional Memberships, Associations, Committees

This section helps build trust by association. By listing all relevant professional memberships, associations and committee members you are adding to your credibility picture.

5) Current Outpatients Appointments

List all hospitals where you have admission rights. These should include:

– Public Hospitals

– Private Hospitals

All consultation locations: clinics, companies, associations…

Any teaching positions and what your rights and privileges are.


For each location, if there are any special instructions please advise. Also, include:

– full name

– address

– parking

– other special


6) Continuing Medical Education

Ongoing professional development is important in a changing world. Listing all educational activities can support the impression that you are constantly developing your craft and are up to date. Patients want to believe your knowledge and skill is broad enough to advise them fully on their choices.

Listings should be in chronological order most recent at the top.

– Subspecialty Training (name, highlights, year, location, website)

– Conferences (name, highlights, year, location, website)

– Meetings (name, highlights, year, location, website)

– Seminars (name, highlights, year, location, website)

7) Relevant Content Citations

Once again, these citations can add credibility and drive thought leadership.

We do not expect the vast majority of visitors to click through to Google Scholar or other linked references, but these ‘citations’ support your positioning as an authority and can calm patients and family anxious about their child or relative.

– Papers (name, highlights, year, location, citation links)

– Publications (name, highlights, year, location, citation links)

– Presentations or Webinars (name, highlights, year, location, recordings)

– Speaking Engagements (name, highlights, year, location, recordings)

– Training Events (name, highlights, year, location, recordings)

– Distributed Case Studies (name, highlights, year, location, links)

You also never know what will “pique” a visitor’s interest. It can be a common association with – tropical medicine, Glasgow University or a glaucoma conference in Budapest.

8) Research Projects

Once again, this section can reinforce your authority and position you as a leader in your field. It can also introduce to patients’ alternative therapies.

This section can include:

– Research Projects (past, present)

– Pioneering Techniques

– Studies & Project Types

– Sponsors or Collaborators

– Clinical Trials

Include all relevant details such as name, collaborators, summaries, visual aids, videos, highlights, year, location, links.


9) Your Photos are Important


Most patients want to see you before they meet you or before they even book an appointment. While this may be a superficial viewpoint – it is real and should be taken seriously.

Many doctors don’t get this point, and unfortunately, they do not hear from patients who do not like what they see.


A poor portrait photo can bring down your whole website, to avoid this some key elements are:

– Show your humanity – smile, eyes, hair

– Display who you are – warm, confident, comfortable, inviting (not too casual)

– Reinforce what you do – in context and attired (surgical and consulting are both important)

– Be appropriate – background, colours, other faces

– Be professional – in focus, optimized “Photoshop”, lighting and size


A good portrait must invoke positive feelings and reinforce your message. A great portrait will tell a story.


Tell Your Story

Everyone loves a story. If your journey has “points of inflexion” or “highlights” ask, can this be useful? A good story can be made into a movie (slideshow, MP4 or simply a picture.

Alternately for the material that is not covered above, adding extra relevant content can also benefit your website. This can include the following:

– Videos and TV links

– Other Media, News and Press Appearances

– Social Media and Blog Post Links

– Charitable Foundations and Past Events

– Committee Participations not previously covered

– Famous Clients (with approval)

Criteria for your best picture doctor profile

Your photo is important and to look the best you should consider the following:

  • Smile but look professional
  • Be in focus and well lit
  • Head and shoulder only
  • Wear consulting attire (1 photo)
  • Wear scrubs if also appropriate
  • One doctor per photo (not a group photo)
  • Orient Landscape (not portrait)
  • Keep portrait current
  • The second image looks like a surgeon

Dr Mozhgan sayyad profile photo

Your photo should say to a prospective patient that you are professional, approachable, confident and trustworthy.


If you need help building your doctor profile page and enhancing your personal branding please get in touch now.







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