92% of small business owners who use social media consider it important for their business. Why?

For starters, social media can help you build brand recognition, foster a community around your business, and grow your bottom line.

And, with the number of global social media users expected to hit 2.5 billion this year, there’s never been a better way to find and connect with your ideal audience.

So how can you use social media to help your business?

How does social media drive traffic, you may ask?

  • By engaging viewers and offering them useful, relevant content.
  • Holding surveys, asking questions, connecting with the audience.
  • Getting feedback, analyzing and adjusting your marketing strategy as a result.
  • Using brand recognition; making sure the brand is in front of potential buyers in case they are looking for your services, giving them incentives to buy.
  • Associating with influencers. Expanding the professional reach of partners and collaborators, associating the brand with industry influencers; becoming an influential source of advice and information and sharing website content.
  • Increasing customer retention and brand loyalty. Social media is better than any other feedback tool because it’s a medium in which you get social, and you receive the sincere responses from your audience and customers. You easily find out more about your target audience, (better profiling for your customer), and your target audience gets to know you better as well (which in turn increases conversion and loyalty).
  • Gaining trust and credibility. People expect your company to have Facebook and Twitter profiles because it’s a way they can contact you and find reliable information. You look legitimate, and the more people hear about your brand, the more credibility you will gain.

Digital Doctor Dubai social media packages

I can help you manage your social media by engaging with your followers, posting regular content and interacting with their comments and messages.

The most important aspect of social media advertising is the selection of your target audience and testing the messages that will impact them the most. We will take a unique approach aligned with your  brand identity and your target audience to find the right messages and topics.

Get in touch and tell me more about your brand and we can tailor a social media package that suits best your business.




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