Would you like to have more client quickly?

Do you need to increase your income soon?

Do you want to grow your business fast?

If your answer is yes to all three questions, you are in the right section of my website, I can help you to get quick qualified traffic digital to your website with the paid digital traffic packages.

Paid digital traffic – instant result

While regular free traffic needs time to be implemented and show significatif results, the paid digital traffic will bring you result from the first week.

This is a digital traffic you purchase from traffic providers against a specific amount, billed according to the number of clicks in your website link which will result into traffic to your pages, that’s why we call these programmes pay per click (PPC).

We usually bid on keywords a certain amount of money that can vary from 0.01 AED to 200 AED per single click… this depends on your industry, your competitors and your marketing strategy!

In this page I am focusing more on setting up, optimizing and running google adwords campaigns but if you need help with other PPC programme please get in touch.

Adwords management services methodology

We organize this service according to 3 easy steps; setup, campaign and success. See the tabs below for more details about paid digital traffic.

Setup your adwords account

Our conversation about your keywords is just the start for this adwords journey. I will performa research and not only decide the best keywords to use to optimize and minimize cost, but also exclude any terms that generate irrelevant traffic. I will create your entire advertising campaign, including expertly written ads copies to persuade customers to visit your website. Also, I will help you to know where your best clients are so we can target ads: locally, nationally, or globally.

Adwords campaign management

Your budget will be allocated to your keywords. Then we start to optimize your campaign, strengthening the keywords that perform best, and optimizing those that work less well. I will assess the quality score of your ads, ensuring that you remain visible and relevant for users searching for your terms. By writing the ads properly and keeping them relevant for users, your cost per click (CPC) will be as low as possible.
I will also setup your conversion goals and maintain the best conversion rate for your budget.

Monitor your success

From the dashboard, you can see all of the most important information gathered in one place. Your live ads, clicks, and budget are all immediately visible. From there you can find more detailed information about your budget, or which of your ads are the most clicked. You can also read detailed reports for each type of device about keyword performance. This includes information about how many times your ads showed (impressions), number of clicks, the ratio of the impression/click called click-through rate (CTR) this is an important quality indicator for the ads copy, cost per click, and the overall costs.
Your monthly report will be available in your dashboard and I will be discussing it with you to adjust the strategy accordingly.

Check my adwords management service packages:

Packages overview

Google ads management service ” Gold Package”

For an ad budget: 5000 to 15000 AED

750  AED / month

+ 1200 AED initial setup cost

Google ads management service ” Silver Package”

For an ad budget: 1000 to 5000 AED

500  AED / month

+ 1200 AED initial setup cost

Google ads management service ” Starter Package”

For an ad budget: up to 1000 AED

250  AED / month

+ 1200 AED initial setup cost


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