Confused and overwhelmed with the digital solutions available?

You don’t know where to start?

You don’t know what work best for your company?

You want to maximize your return on investment? 

I have a great news for you, you are in the right page and as the digital doctor I will make sure that you get the support you need for your digital strategy journey.

Digital Strategy

Digital strategy is a must for companies that strive for excellence and efficiency. Digital channels enable a huge potential for scalable growth at a low cost. So, finding the right strategy that works for your business is not an easy task. It require full understanding of the competition environment and the available digital tools for your industry.

I have created a unique method to help you understand where you stand compared to your competitors. How you can fill the gaps to get an instant impact with the new digital tools. Use the tools at their maximum potentials…

How we work together…

I always start with a 360 digital strategy consultation which will explore the current strategy and the tools used for your marketing (online and offline). This report will serve as reference. It allows to draw the picture of the competitor environment and the market trends related to your business activity.

Once done, we discuss your business goals and your budget. I study the return on investment of all the available marketing channels and help you decide which channels to focus on.
Usually we choose from regular free traffic vs paid traffic according to the competition and how fast you want the result. Some businesses require more interaction with the customers and need to nurture them. We produce relevant content strategy and we decide where to diffuse it. This scenario is ideal for a social media package or for an emailing automated campaign.

Blogging also is a good option to build a content strategy and I can help you find copywriters for your industries and influencers to promote your brand.

You can check the scope of the services I provide in the services page.

Digital is more than marketing

A digital strategy is more than marketing, there is many ways a business can take advantage of the digital tools, marketing is one aspect of this game. The other aspects are more related to the process, culture and customer experience.

CRM and IT solution vendors’ selection

Your business can grow by implementing a customer relation management system which help you better manage your customer and increase the internal communication efficiency within your teams.

Or you may decide to implement a solution to manage your business (Retail, restaurant, hospital, clinic, …). I can help you choose the best solution writing a detailed request for proposal (RFP) that list all your requirement and make sure that you cover all the needed functionalities.

I can help you drive the implementation project on time and according to the agreed scope with the vendor.

Than, after the implementation, I will make sure that you take the full advantage of your investment with a high level of usability and producing analytics data to monitor and control your daily key performance indicator (KPI).

Analytics and big data

Undoubtedly, big data will be the next game changer for businesses, but some will gain more advantage from it than others. Many managers assume that they will be able to easily uncover trends that weren’t previously visible by seeing charts and tables. But analytics involves more than just knowing the facts. It requires the right analysts asking the right questions to make the right decisions. Any analysis of data that stops after asking “what,” which is already a big undertaking, isn’t analytics. You have to ask “why?” and “why” and “why”….. and “what next?”

You will need help from the Digital Doctor Dubai to ask the right questions and discuss the potential answers and out come.

For all you data analysis and management dashboard building exercise, I can help you select the right KPI and build the right dashboard to monitor your business closely and optimize your process.