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driving positive change in patients lives?
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On one hand, doctors want their marketing and advertising messages to be unique, and to stand out among the competition. At the same time, they work to avoid offending healthcare colleagues with a message that’s perceived as claiming professional superiority.

You can reach this balance now with a well designed personal brand.

Digital Doctor Dubai is the only digital agency for doctor in dubai!

Being a doctor myself, I understand the challenges and the delicacy of this subject and with my marketing experience, I can guide you through the right process to set your practice for its real worth!

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This is what you will get:

  • Branding audit
  • A brand new website reflecting your new brand
  • Social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin…) fully configured and ready to reflect your identity
  • Brand awareness campaign in Adwords and Facebook
  • + FREE presentation video to share in your social media and business profiles
  • + FREE listing in local directories
  • + FREE 24h/7 days Support from the Digital Doctor
  • + FREE Coaching session on digital marketing for medical practice


For one time payment of AED 8100 

Branding for doctors

Digital agency for doctor in Dubai


Digital Doctor Dubai can help you build your online personal brand and will empower you with tools and techniques to reach more patients and increase your practice revenue online.

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