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“Do something you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

What if you keep your days busy with your favorite interest, practicing your hobby, networking and hanging around with people who share your passion and “ The cherry on the cake” you make money passively and naturally with no extra effort… a money flow that can reach a 6-figure business!

This is the dream that new online millionaire are living! It’s happening it’s not a dream anymore! and with affiliate marketing you can do it!

Making money with affiliate marketing is easy:

What if you wake up in the morning with an email announcing your daily income! $100, $200, $500… you are the only limit of your earning, you decide it, you scale it up and you earn it!

It all starts with a vision, and believe it or not, our actions are limited with our own beliefs and thoughts! You may think that you will never make it and be financially independent or maybe you decide to give it a try, believe in yourself and be open to change your mindset and change your life!

Have a look at these websites:

* Nerd Wallet:

This website has one topic: help you make all the right money moves! and while doing this, this website generate more than $ 971.000 per  month and $520 million company
Starting as a simple Excel spreadsheet
 comparing different credit cards, NerdWallet evolved into a full-scale personal finance authority website with over seven million monthly web visitors.

Chances are if you look up anything personal finance related such as “best credit cards” in Google, you will likely end up landing on something by NerdWallet.

* The wire cutter:
The wire cutter is an electronic product reviews platform known for their in-depth device analysis and reviews, it generates $212.000 per month and was recently acquired by the times magazine for $ 20 millions

I highly recommend you have a look at several product review websites and check their worth using and figure out how each one of these websites are actually, making money and to understand better how the affiliate marketing works. You can easily turn your passion into a 6 figures business from home.

How you can make money online

In order to make money online you need to sell something, if you have nothing to sell you will never make any money! Very simple. I know many influencers and so-called blogger with  thousand of followers and yet they are broke! Why?

Because they don’t have any product to sell, they don’t have the right mindset to attract money and keep it in their hands!

So first question you would ask yourself before you start any business, how much money you are willing to make? write it now in the comment below!
It’s very important to have this clarity because it helps you visualize your project and take it from the stage of a simple idea to a measurable goals (SMART) that can see the light and manifest in the real world. In more realistic words for people who doesn’t believe in the law of attraction I would call it a business plan! And in order to start a business you need a plan! It still work for the online business as well! 😊

Having the exact amount of money, you are willing to make in mind will help you gather the right plan and build tools and methods to reach this goal.

What product or service you can sell?

Here is the trick you don’t need to have the product in hand, you don’t have to worry about the logistics and the startup up costs… because simply whatever is your product the process is the same!

Let’s take this example: Kyle is a very sporty and active guy he loves football and he like hosting sport nights at home inviting his friends to watch the game, one day he got the idea to use an old helmet to present some snacks for his guests. They liked the concept and he turned it into an online business bringing him 1000$ per month.

There are many ways of making money online:

  • Freelancing, sell your services you can use website like freelancer or Upwork
  • Sell products ( e-commerce) on amazon if you have a license or in Dubizzle for a start, or drop shipping with Alibaba
  • Trading (forex …)
  • Affiliate marketing: Click bank, amazon, … we will detail this section below
  • Advertising (Influencers marketing): most famous is the google AdSense network
  • Start your online business

How does affiliate marketing works?

Affiliate marketing is like making money while you sleep. Confused? Well, this is how any newcomer is introduced to affiliate marketing. It is an ideal approach that people take to increase their passive income or in other words the automated revenues, which are in turn based on revenue sharing.

You can understand affiliate marketing as something like a real estate agent who doesn’t own the house, he is selling but is promoting it for someone else and in case the deal goes through he will earn his share.

So, let’s come back to the passion you have and from which will start a very lucrative business. For example you like makeup, you know every single thing about brands and ingredients and techniques and tools… you don’t need to open a makeup shop to start a business or make money, but you have a huge advantage, you are an expert in your field! People trust you already and take your advices on makeup and more importantly, they know that you will give them the neutral advice because it doesn’t matter which brand they will buy you are not selling it…

If you help 10 people a day make their purchases online with an average basket of AED 250 this is AED 2500 where you can get easily 10 to 15% commission, so this is AED 250 per day – AED 7500 per month helping 10 people per day on making the right choice! very simple and straightforward

If your website drives 1000 visits a day, you can get 2500 page views and with only 1% conversion rate (which is quite low) you will convert 25 sales and here you have made AED 625 per day if you do affiliate marketing.

This is in a nutshell how affiliate marketing works! If you have any question, please, post it below now!


There are few platforms that allows you to get affiliate links for thousands of products I would list few here:

Click bank: the largest affiliate program out there, this simply means that it acts as a gateway for publishers and affiliates. This is what makes it relatively easy for anyone to find products that they can promote and earn hefty commissions from.

Amazon associate program: once you subscribe to their affiliate program you can promote any of the product sold on amazon, which pretty much everything from apples to hundred thousand luxury jewelry and watches! How amazing is this? Earning a 3% commission on $120000…

Share a sale: one of the oldest platforms out there with cool and accurate technology and with the reputation of fair and honest business.

Awin: I personally hate them, but it worth to have a look at their products and services, you may find few fatty commissions for your niche.

Here some examples of products and how much money you can make out of it:

10% on these 45 $ necklace:

affiliate product


5% on the phones on Amazon:

product affiliate link

Why content is king when it comes to affiliate marketing

Your real asset when it comes to affiliate marketing and starting an online business is your content, because this is what will drive people to visit you and engage with your topic! Either your blog, your YouTube channel, your social profile or even when they meet you in real life.

Here a non-exhaustive list of content you can create and share online:

Social media status post:  this is basically the most common type of content that we produce where we share a news, or a webpage link or some useful data for our followers. The aim of this post is to keep in touch with the audience and drive engagement.

Tweets: special form of the social media post also called micro blogging as it allows us to share a piece of information with our audience and we can tag it with hashtags that will make sure that it reach a larger targeted audience.

Blog articles and guest blogs: this is the central piece of the content creation as this is where we can collect all the other type of content and put it in one place. We can create different variation and make sure that all of them turn around the blog post! Blog post will be targeting the main keyword and will include infographics, videos and other tools… Blog post may be product reviews, or more general post on the topic to drive awareness.

Infographics: a graphic way to summarize a blog post in a graphic manner, it should be attractive and simple to understand

Instagram posts: it may be a photo, a quote a video or a variation of the infographic used to summarize the blog post!

Videos: this is still the best engaging piece of content out there; a video is shared 5 times more than a text update. If an image worth a thousand words a video worth 5 thousand! Many variation of videos (Stories (Instagram, snapchat…), YouTube videos, Tiktok)

White papers: A white paper is an authoritative report or guide that informs readers concisely about a complex issue and presents your own philosophy on the matter. It is meant to help readers understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision.

Case studies: a case study is a research method involving an up-close, in-depth, and detailed examination of a subject of study, as well as its related contextual conditions. Case studies can be produced by following a formal research method. It helps to show the readers one application of the service you offer to solve a problem

Free tools: this is a funniest part of the content because you will provide your user with a tangible solution of the problem there are facing. It can be as simple as a checklist or a an excel sheet or as complex as a web platform or mobile app! Example of tools: calculator of all kinds, checklist to do anything, a mobile app to solve one problem

e-books: an electronic book that cover a topic in depth and help the reader have an overview of the subject. It may be the result of all blog post and tools you already produced for your niche.

Newsletters: a smaller version of your blog post that you can send to your email list subscriber to update them on new posts or to inform them about a topic.


Build your website:

You don’t need a website to start your online business, but part of building your brand as an authority in your niche you need a website to build more trust, your website is your platform where to centralize  all your content and where people interested to do business with you will find you and contact you.

We can argue about either to use a free hosting and start your website on a free domain name than move to a professional domain name… It’s up to you but as far as you are considering this as real business there is some basic investment that need to be done, especially that it’s not a big amount of money!

We all agree that by now, you are clear on your business idea and niche, you know your passion and you are ready to fire up!

So luckily this part of the job is less of an art more as a science, you can build a website in less than 60 minutes if you follow the steps:

■ Select a Domain Name

■ Set up a Hosting Account

■ Select a WordPress Theme

■ Install some plugins

You can download my free new wordpress website checklist here.


Choosing a domain name:

Here also a big topic, I always get this question from my followers on how to choose your domain name? is it better to pick a brand name ( or to select a practical one (the party beast . ae)

Write Content for your Websites

Remember our goal of meeting customers on their buying journey at different stages!

Keep that in mind throughout this section… When you think about the content, think about the real goal.

Here are the steps:

■ Create a list of topics using the keywords of your niche.

■ Write the content or outsource it. Use the 2 very effective methods (FAQ and RPM) to do it and the Perfect Amazon Review Template.

■ Publish the content.


List of Topics How do you figure out what to write about?

And, what if you don’t know much about the topic?

You did the keyword research before so you should have a list of content ideas. You don’t need as many as some people may suggest — just 10 to 20 keywords is enough to get started.

A few other people recommend “authority” sites and say you need 100s of keywords to get started and 100s of posts, too.

I disagree since that’s just overwhelming. When I started my first site, I had no idea how to write content for the web. I was used to writing business documents and emails in my corporate job.

I was afraid of writing anything. I was afraid people would read it (which is funny because I wanted people to read it).

It isn’t difficult once we break it down, even if you don’t know much about the topic.

50% of your content needs to target our goal of intercepting a would-be buyer on the way to Amazon. The other 50% should be informational content, like “how-to” type or otherwise helpful articles.

What does that mean?

■ Product Reviews make up the affiliate content.

■ Informational content makes up the rest.

Affiliate content reassures the visitor that he or she could or should buy the product. (That’s assuming it’s a quality product based on the Amazon reviews – we don’t want to market products that are low quality.)

What if you don’t own the product that’s being reviewed?

If you don’t own the product and don’t have a way to physically hold it, then here is what to do:

  1. Read the product description on Amazon
  2. Read all you can at the manufacturer’s website. Download the user’s manual – it’s a goldmine of information.
  3. Read some reviews on Amazon – Five of the 5-star reviews, Five of the 3-star reviews, and five of the 1 star reviews.
  4. Search for forum posts or review websites that have reviews for the specific product.

Using that strategy, you’ll have the information for the technical specifications and all the product details, real owners giving their feedback, and what other reviewers thought about the product. If you think about what you personally want to learn before buying a product, that fits the bill. I know that’s what I think about when I research a product.


The perfect product review template:

product review template affiliate marketing

How to leverage social media and email list

You simply can’t build and start your online business without being in social media, you simply can’t as most of your target audience is spending all their online time there, even when  they are performing a web search they keep connected with their networks, be it in Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, whatsapp…

More importantly that google algorithm to rank website give a big importance to the social score of your webpages, which mean the more a page is shared and linked in social media the better ranking it will have.

So You need to be present there no excuses!

But here is how to achieve it!

You can not be present everywhere from the day one, so I highly recommend that you focus on one platform! Usually the one that make more sense for your audience!

Have a look at the following diagram to understand better what I mean!

Then once decided which one you will be focusing on, you need to use an adapted scheduling platform for planning your post! Because nowadays it’s very confusing and time consuming to try to focus on all the task on the same time

Set you social media plan once a week and keep it running for the week, you can always edit it at any time, and you can always post more post in between if you feel it’s relevant for your target audience!

Email list:

Emailing is the highest converting channel, the conversion rate from email may reach 25%. Think about it, you reader subscribed to your email list and asked you to update them about a topic, this mean that they already trust you and they are looking forward to hearing from you! So, they are more likely to buy from you.

One advice start building your email list very early! And keep your subscriber updated, don’t spam them and don’t let them forget you either!




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