I am really grateful that you are taking the time to visit my about page, I am glad I made you curious to know more about me and my background so I’ve made this video to present myself:


For those of you that prefer text than video (I always prefer reading text rather than watching videos), I am dr Sofiane…

I am a doctor and I help people like you find their way through the digital world even if they are totally new to it!

Healthcare information consultancy

For the last 10 years, I was working in the healthcare industries driving the digital transformation of many hospitals, medical centres and medical universities to the edge, I help organizations in France, Europe and the MENA region to optimize their workflow and processes and achieve the best possible outcome for their patients.


Digital marketing

I am fascinated by the potential of social media and the internet in general and how they literally changed our lives for the best!
And for the last three years, I started opening up my digital experience and discovering new markets and industries, I run a few affiliate marketing websites about healthcare and beauty products and got involved in several e-commerce projects.

I believe that Digital Marketing should be handled with a lot of love and passion when it comes to healthcare and wellness as it really affects people lives in the literal meaning of the term! There is a big amount of confusing data on the internet and now more than ever we need care provider to be present in an effective way online to achieve their role as there is no escape, we are moving toward a virtual world very well connected to our reality (Wait for something interesting regarding this topic and follow my blog to stay informed!)

Dr Sofiane Lahouar

I am a friendly and sociable person, I like going out and talking about innovation, science and the future so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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